What are the drinks used in South Africa?

» Posted on Oct 18, 2019 in Entertainment in South Africa

What are the drinks used in South Africa?

Imagine if you are invited to South Africa and the peoples of South Africa are well known for being enthusiastic beer drinkers. South African also produces the world’s best wines and their drinks have been influenced by the different cultures that have colonized throughout the year.

Now you are going to see both drinks alcohol and soft drinks that popular in South Africa.

South African hard drinks:

There are so many different types in South African alcohol. Some of them are:

  1. Mampoer:

Mampoer is the popular and powerful homemade brandy or firewater that similar to American moonshine. It is made from the range of different fruits such as peach, apricot, litchi and it is a fruitier cousin of witblits and generally a bit gentler on the tongue.


  1. Wine:

It is one of the best South African drinks and it began to make their mark on the world. There are also different types in the wine they are Haneppot (haa-Nah-poort), Hanerood, Pinotage (pee-no-targe).

  • Hanepoot (haa-Nah-poort): These wine ids from the Muscat Blanc d’Alexandrie grape.
  • Pinotage (pee-no-targe): This wine is found only in South Africa and this red varietal is a cross between the pinot noir and cinsault.
  • Hanerood: This wine is made from the blend of red grapes.
  1. Van Der Hum liqueur:

It is wonderful aromatic liqueur is blended with wine, brandy, naartje peel, herbs, seeds, barks, cape tangerines, and spices. Van Der Hum liqueur is a favorite of many South Africans and it has amber coloring and has a sweet, citrus taste.

  1. Beer:

Beer in South Africa is typically American style. They also produce carling black label, Grolsch, lion lager and Namibian Windhoek large are popular brands.

  1. Amarula Cream:

It is local cream liqueur and drunk after dinner.

Amarula Cream made from the fruit of the marula tree, favorite of elephants, and monkey. Some of them become intoxicated when eating too much of the overripe fruit.

Amarula Cream can be enjoyed with anything from Irish coffee to ice cream and some of the people even have it on the rocks. It is the best choice for people who have slight sweet-tooth.

drinks used in South Africa

South African Non-alcoholic drinks:

  1. Rooibos: Rooibos is also called as Roy-boss and it is drunk as a tea in South Africa, served black with lemon and honey.
  2. Rock shandy: It is a local specialty and is a thirst-quenching alternative to overly sweet sodas; half lemonade, half soda water with a dash of angostura bitter and with a slice of lemon and lots of ice.
  3. Amasi: It is a drink of thick soured milk that similar to yogurt and is also good for digestion. It is pronounced as um-ah-see.
  4. Mageu: IT is the non-alcoholic version of Maheu and this is thin drinking mealie meal porridge. Mageu is also called as mahewu, amarhewu, amahewu and it is mostly made at home for night drinks.

These are the drinks used by the South African shooters. You are now clear about both the soft and hard drinks in South Africa. Hope this article helpful for you.